BNI Chapter Grants Wishes to Needy Children This Holiday Season

Dec 18, 2013Archives

This Christmas the Aurora BNI chapter, BNI Team XTreme, took it upon themselves to do something extraordinary for the community in which they work and live.BNI Canada - CAS Basket

The York Region Children’s Aid Society is a non-profit organization that helps children with difficult living circumstances and aims to keep these children safe and whenever possible, with their families. Unfortunately due to a wide variety of circumstances, many of these children are not with family and are alone over the holiday season, so the Children’s Aid Society runs a “Christmas Wish” campaign each year to help add some cheer to these kids’ Christmas.

Many times when the “Wish Lists” come to Children’s Aid, they are asking for things like tooth brushes, deodorant, towels, toys, and yes, even food! Aurora’s Team XTreme was shocked to learn that so many kids desperately want basic necessities and food over the Christmas Season. Team XTreme member Heather Keeling (liaison to Children’s Aid), asked for a vote and the chapter unanimously committed to a $50 donation (minimum) per member to support this cause, however many members went above and beyond!

Team XTreme – having a gift basket specialist in their group – utilized their team talents and had member Trisha Phillips purchase, arrange and wrap individual baskets for the kids. The baskets included a new pillow, towel, laundry detergent, various toiletries, goodies/treats, all inside a laundry basket. Using the power of wholesale purchase, each basket had enough left over to include a $45 gift card to Walmart where the kids can purchase other essentials, food or toys.

This year Team XTreme raised $1,000 for their local Children’s Aid and hope to grow bigger every year! This is the third year the group has been involved with Children’s Aid and some members have family and friends in on it too. This year 100% of the group supported the effort!

Please join us in congratulating Team XTreme for their accomplishment this year and continued support for their initiative in the future.

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